About the Association
The Romanian Association for Children with Dyslexia was established in 2002 by a group of parents and professionals (psychologists, speech therapist, professors and teachers). Our objectives are as follows:

  • disseminating information and raising awareness about learning disabilities and related topics;
  • disseminating information on the appropriate therapies;
  • ensuring the rights and proper education schemes for dyslexic children similar to those in other European countries and the USA;
  • implementing innovative therapies;
  • offering support to dyslexic children and their families;
  • trainings for teachers;
  • ensuring equal chances to dyslexic children to help their integration both in school and society.
  • Implementing projects for raising awareness and sensitivity
  • Writing books (textbooks, course materials)
  • Trainings
  • Supervision
  • Counseling and information for parents
  • Participation and presentation at international and national conferences
  • Exchanges of experiences, workshops